Founder-In-Residence ( AI for Executive Coaching)

AI Fund

AI Fund

Software Engineering, Data Science
United States · France
Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2023
Who We Are:
AI is the new electricity: Just as electricity transformed numerous industries starting 100 years ago, AI is now poised to do the same. AI Fund is an early-stage venture firm founded by Dr. Andrew Ng in 2017. Our portfolio companies utilize AI technology and applications to improve processes and efficiency. The AI Fund team combines their experiences as AI pioneers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, and operators. We are backed by a $176 million-dollar fund from top-tier VC firms. Together, let’s build great companies that will move humanity forward.
Why Partner With AI Fund:
We’ve been there. We’ve founded and scaled successful companies ourselves, and we know that creating meaningful startups is really hard. Many entrepreneurs toil with ideas for years. Many spend time building something without the foresight of limiting factors that could have been easily dismissed upfront. Accomplished execs often teeter between a desire to start a company and creating something great versus taking a job that is less fulfilling. If only someone could help with taking the risk out of turning an idea into reality and accelerate the company building process, more people would be inspired to start a company. Coming up with great ideas, sussing them out, assembling great teams, and helping raise capital is what we do. We shorten a process that can take years down to months. We make sure you are going after the right market, are fully validated, and are surrounded by great teammates. Lastly, we make sure you see the world through the lens of a data scientist and machine learning expert, which is the perspective any meaningful company in the future must have. But we also know that the process is not about us. It’s about great Founders and empowering them to do great things.
What We Seek:
We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs with first-hand knowledge of the problem they have encountered or entrepreneurs that might match to a problem or idea we already have. It’s not a mandate, but ideally, we want people with experience solving business problems and have a keen eye for anticipating business risks. You may have been a product manager running a product or product line before. You may have been an engineer who has been on the front lines of helping shape a company. You may have been a management consultant who has experience in a particular vertical. Or perhaps you are a proven entrepreneur who recognizes that the difference between success and failure is razor-thin, and you want every advantage you can get. Lastly, we want people who are leaders. We desire people who can hire great people, get others excited about their vision, raise capital, and make it all happen.
About the Project:
We are launching a concept to democratize executive and leadership coaching, leveraging AI to integrate coaching principles and management to daily activities. We facilitate critical thinking, natural mastery, and meaningful change in real-time by enabling leaders and managers to benefit from key coaching ingredients in the flow of their work. Built on proprietary research, PocketConfidant AI generates personalized coaching questions and competency development pathways, unlocking the full potential of workplace individuals. Join us as we transform the coaching landscape and create a future of optimized leadership through the power of coaching.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • Strategic Leadership: Provide visionary leadership and develop a strategic roadmap to position the company as a pioneer in AI-driven coaching solutions in alignment and co-development with existing founding team’s purpose, vision, mission and values (e.g., empowering human capabilities with AI and coaching, respecting coaching techniques, values and ethics, putting user security and confidentiality first etc.)
  • Product Development: Collaborate with the technical co-founder and the AI Fund team to enhance the solution, ensuring its fluency, quality, and efficacy through AI/ML advancements.
  • Business Development: Identify and forge strategic partnerships with corporate clients wanting to develop their own coaching solutions, as well as coaching/learning & development platform providers such as learning management systems, digital assistants (chatbots, avatars etc.), and other relevant stakeholders to expand the adoption of the solution.
  • Team Management: Build and lead a high-performing team, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and accountability.
  • Market Positioning: Develop and execute marketing and branding strategies to establish the company as a leader in AI-driven coaching solutions.
  • Financial Management: Drive revenue growth, manage budgets, and own the fundraising strategy
  • Industry awareness: Stay up to date with the latest trends, research, and advancements in coaching science, AI technologies, and related fields.

What You Must Bring:

  • Senior level business skills: Demonstrated successful experience as a founder, preferably as a CEO, with a proven track record of driving business growth/fundraising and managing high-performance teams. Ideally, have already integrated an existing early-stage company and transformed it into a stable and well-functioning business.
  • Coaching industry knowledge: Familiarity with coaching practices and the latest developments in coaching science, including optimal questioning techniques, and creating a questioning culture.
  • Strategic vision: Ability to develop and execute a strategic roadmap, identifying opportunities for innovation and market disruption.
  • Partnership development: Proven ability to establish and nurture strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to drive business growth.
  • Excellent communication skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills to effectively engage with clients, investors, and the broader industry.
  • Passion for innovation: Entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for leveraging technology to transform industries and create positive impact.
  • Great interpersonal skills. Ability to work with previous founders who are engaged in the organization, and to leverage them as resources as needed.
  • Previous startup or other small/scrappy team experience.

Nice to Haves:

  • Technology and AI expertise: Strong understanding of AI technologies, natural language processing, and machine learning, with the ability to effectively collaborate with technical teams.
  • Advanced degree: Preferably holds an advanced degree in business, technology, psychology, or a related field.


  • Accountability: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions while doing so with the highest regard for integrity.
  • Leadership: able to influence others to follow you and lead the team to a brighter future.
  • Grit. able to stick with projects and work hard through good and bad times. High pain tolerance and can perform well under stress or pressure.
  • Scrappy: Takes initiative and proactively gets things done with low resources, but doing creative things, begging, borrowing, and whatever is needed in an ambiguous environment or situation.
  • Ownership orientation: Demonstrated orientation of extreme ownership over all aspects of the company and extremely results-driven in nature.