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Cintrifuse is a Cincinnati-based organization that proactively links entrepreneurs with strategic businesses, research institutions, mentors and investors to help successfully launch high-growth startups. We work to coordinate the activities, resources and programs of the region’s innovation ecosystem by connecting incubators, accelerators, investment sources, organizations and other resources to maximize information sharing. We have harnessed three core elements to develop a sustainable innovation economy: Access, Place and Fund
10XTS combines advanced enterprise architecture, software development, data science, and artificial intelligence with product management, capital, and marketing – to launch new platforms, business models and products. Our flagship product XDEX is a crypto asset management cloud that allows the tokenization of real-world assets.
On the cutting edge of market research and data analysis, 4sight gathers data from anywhere online–reviews, social, news and even scientific journals and patents–and applies proprietary machine learning algorithms. Brand strategists use their decades ...
80 Acres delivers tasty and fresh produce all year round, locally grown, 100% clean guaranteed, and with no dependency on weather or climate through indoor farming technology. We are delivering produce that is better for you, your community and the planet.
Abre is the education management platform of choice that enables stakeholders to improve outcomes and unleash the potential of everyone in the learning community.
AI Fund
AI Fund
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AI Fund works intensively with entrepreneurs during their startup’s most critical and risky phase, from 0 to 1. At the earliest stages, your company strategy is still being formed, and you’re still on the path to demonstrating your idea’s full potential – this is a reality we well understand. This is the period when decisions on product strategy, market fit, and team are most critical and a time when your company is most under-resourced. Many firms will tell you to come back when the idea is further along, typically without any helpful feedback. Even if you have a sense for the changes you need to make to be attractive to investors, moving fast and fixing parts of your business when you have limited resources is a challenge. While capital is important, we believe we help entrepreneurs best by providing our time, expertise, and resources to help flesh out these key strategic decisions. Making these choices well can often be the difference between success and failure. AI Fund is here to improve these dynamics, at a time when the help matters the most, leading to a significant upgrade in your company’s opportunity, strategy, and fundability.
At Applied Data Corp (ADC), we believe the days of instinctive merchandising are numbered. More than ever, retail merchandisers need data driven methods to forecast the right amount of product availability, all while maintaining product safety and keeping fresh food profitable. They simply seek to give people what they want - easily available, convenient and safe, fresh food.InterStore, their integrated fresh item management software suite, empowers fresh food retailers with solutions that make fresh possible (and profitable) in their stores. The systems comprising InterStrore include: Device Management, Recipe Management, Meat Management and Production Planning.With over 140 retail chain accounts in over 12,000 stores installed in 11 countries, ADC’s InterStore is a global leader in fresh item management software.
Astronomer’s mission is to help organizations realize the potential of Apache Airflow. Building on the foundation of Astronomer Cloud, the market-leading Airflow as a Service offering, Astronomer is developing new standards of scale, performance, and reliability and leading the way to enterprise-grade Airflow.
Band Connect provides a medical-grade and condition-specific platform that augments the clinician workflow by extending the in-clinic MSK rehabilitation experience into the patient's home - leading to higher quality personalized treatment and increased adherence with enhanced economics and reimbursement for the clinic.
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Batterii is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed for teams to organize inspiration, insights, and ideas. The platform features boards to collect and curate digital assets, tags and sharing across team members. Customers include Adidas, Procter & Gamble, J&J, Unilever, REI, and other global enterprises.
Pay and get paid in seconds. borderless makes B2B bank payments easy, fast and affordable. With their secure, online and global bank-to-bank payment solution, you can pay vendors for free, receive bank payments online, and track payments in real time. They partner with leading financial institutions who process over $20 billion a year, and we support over 3,000+ banks worldwide. Their products range from B2B quick payments, to global payouts and subscription automation saving up to 90% on payment processing fees.
Bosa Life
Bosa Life
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Bosa helps you finish your tasks faster so you have more time for you. Use the Bosa Chrome extension to find tasks in your Google Docs and to help you complete your tasks fast. Be the Best. Leave us with the Rest.