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Cintrifuse is dedicated to Supporting Startups, Igniting Innovation, Attracting Investment, and Catalyzing our Thriving Ecosystem to make Greater Cincinnati the #1 startup hub in the Midwest and a Top Innovation Center in the Country. We like to consider ourselves a force for collaborative innovation. Cintrifuse made up of people, funds, and ideas all dedicated to establishing a stronger tech presence that will ultimately improve the economy for the Greater Cincinnati area. We are a public-private partnership established to drive the next phase of growth for the region – innovation that will be enabled and delivered by startups.
4Sight uses better consumer data, grounded in data science, to provide insights that are robust and actionable for brands. ​ We marry the robust base sizes of quantitative research with the deep qualitative context from 1:1s, often in a fraction of the time. There's a reason our clients include some of the world's biggest brands, companies like Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser & Clorox among others. ​
80 Acres Farms is an indoor farming company providing customers pesticide free, just-picked leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, and vine crops, including the world’s only tomatoes and cucumbers grown completely indoors using the most-efficient, LED lighting. The company delivers high quality and nutritious products by locating its indoor farms close to customers. 80 Acres is able to eliminate the costs, time and environmental impact of cross-country transportation, providing customers with a fresher, longer-lasting product while drastically reducing food waste. 80 Acres distributes to major national grocers, local retailers, restaurants, and food service companies from its six farm facilities in Ohio, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Alabama.
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Abre is K-12’s leading administration platform to support the whole child. We help teachers, staff, families, and partners work as one to ignite student success in the learning community.
AI Fund
AI Fund
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We are a team of AI pioneers, proven entrepreneurs, seasoned operators, and venture capitalists that collaborates with leading entrepreneurs to solve big challenges using artificial intelligence. Founded in 2017 by Dr. Andrew Ng, AI Fund is backed with $176 million in capital by some of the leading VC firms and investors, including NEA, Sequoia, and Greylock.
ADC is a leading provider of Fresh Item Management systems with 130 supermarket chains and 11,000 stores installed in 11 countries.
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Astronomer’s mission is to help organizations realize the potential of Apache Airflow. Building on the foundation of Astronomer Cloud, the market-leading Airflow as a Service offering, Astronomer is developing new standards of scale, performance, and reliability and leading the way to enterprise-grade Airflow.
Cloud platform to organize visual assets, insights, and product ideas
Pay anyone, anywhere in seconds. borderless is a global payments platform enabling pay-OUTs to 120+ countries using local bank transfers in local currency. borderless handles all compliance required including KYC of your recipients, and provides white labeling notifications. We provide a webapp for SMEs to manage their payments, make bulk/mass payments and generate reports. We also provide an API for marketplaces and startups involved in the gig economy, freelancer, wholesale, travel, etc. to payout their sellers/workers anywhere in the world. We provide access to Real-Time Bank Payments (delivery of funds within seconds) to 60+ countries including currencies like INR, PHP, BRL, COL, PKR and more. Multi-currency balances that help you receive, hold and exchange in 13 currencies as a local. Our Widget & @handle system will reduce data liability of businesses by avoiding the need to collect or store sensitive banking information. White labeled payment notifications to customers with accurate estimated arrival times. Transaction and FX savings on every payout. Plug & Play API that helps Tech businesses integrate and scale rapidly with one integration for payouts to 120+ countries.
Bosa is a life management platform that centers your wellness day to day. Currently a Chrome extension that is context aware, collaborative, and personalized for you.
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Cerkl Broadcast is the premier, forward-thinking employee communications suite. Unlike existing email-only or platform-centric mobile solutions, Broadcast unites your existing employee comms channels to deliver a modern employee experience. Employees can receive targeted comms to their email, SharePoint, Teams, Broadcast mobile app, and more.