Lead Full Stack Engineer

Subterra AI

Subterra AI

Software Engineering
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

SubterraAI is seeking a talented Lead Full Stack Software Engineer to assist with the design and development of Subterra’s Terralytics™ Platform, utilizing the very latest in cloud technology, computer vision, and machine learning. We are building a new generation platform on AWS to address the growing IoT and Smart Cities markets. Think of us as the underground version of Google Maps and Google Streetview.

Initially we would start the right candidate on a 3 month contract that would convert to a full-time position within the SubterraAI team. The focus of the role will be developing and maintaining the SubterraAI platform as well as providing technical leadership and knowledge sharing amongst a growing team.

You will take a key role in the direction and development of a revolutionary platform and products to help cities around the world to better manage and operate their aging infrastructure and sewer systems.

You will be working closely with the founder, advisors, and investors to ensure that the platform meets deadlines and client requirements. You are equally comfortable with writing, reviewing and documenting code, as well as explaining key functionality to executives.

*What will I be responsible for?

  • Design, build & manage the SubterraAI Terralytics™ Platform
  • Write high-quality code, unit tests, measure performance, and build monitoring systems
  • Provide engineering estimates and technical design before implementation
  • Maintain and deploy application infrastructure in AWS
  • Adhere to the team’s Agile Values and SOLID Principles
  • Participate in the analysis and requirements gathering process for new products and platforms
  • Utilize the very latest technology including computer vision and machine learning
  • Provide feedback and constructive criticism to improve our design, usability and interaction​

*What are we looking for?

  • Senior-level knowledge of software development practices and experience with more than one programming language
  • Has experience building web and mobile-responsive applications using a JavaScript-based library such as React or Angular
  • Has experience with a variety of technologies including some of the following: SQL, GraphQL, Auth0 or similar authentication framework, Docker, load balancers, and basic networking (DNS, subnets, firewall rules, etc.)
  • A willingness to learn new languages, cloud microservices and the latest development standards
  • Considerable knowledge and experience of cloud-based software development is required, especially on AWS
  • Experience in supporting Product Managers to coordinate field trials with users to confirm that new features and enhancements are delivered to specifications and requirements
  • They need to understand the purpose and value of CI/CD and software development lifecycles
  • Show an in-depth knowledge and experience in agile and lean engineering methodologies.
  • Has an appreciation for automation testing should have experience of implementing automated testing working with a team that has deployed it
  • Previous startup experience would be a great benefit as you’ll be comfortable with the challenges that lie ahead

*Key Tasks

  • Take responsibility for delivering agreed sprint tasks by coordinating with management and the team as a whole
  • Expected to provide support, including out of hours, to maintain availability and operation of deployed systems
  • Recommend strategies to take advantage of development capabilities for new and existing products and platforms
  • Develop and maintain software and packages to support our products
  • Adhere to the team’s Agile Values and Principles
  • Participate in the analysis and requirements gathering process for new products and platforms
  • Produce detailed solution designs with accompanying documentation and participate in internal testing and integration on developed systems and software

*Commitment and Reward

We prefer to reward the right candidate with a remuneration split between salary and sweat equity. Once we finalize our investment round we will review and award a competitive package of salary and equity commensurate with your experience. The role will see a salary of between $70K - $150K depending on the applicants experience, skill and leadership ability.

*About SubterraAI

Subterra AI is a pioneering tech startup based in Cincinnati, USA working to be the world's No.1 Underground Mapping Company.

You’ll work with people who are explorers at heart and aspire to be amongst the greats like Charles Darwin, Neil Armstrong and Sir Edmund Hillary in the world of discovery and exploration. SubterraAI is building solutions to inspect, learn and manage the infrastructure others deem too hard to inspect or too dangerous to venture into.

Currently, SubterraAI has identified critical city sewers are the arteries of a city and without them functioning properly a city will get sick and ultimately fail. Sewage will pollute where we live and make us sick by tainting our food and water, sewer rates will be higher and sickness and disease will be more prevalent and widespread.

Sewers across the globe were installed over 100 years ago and have reached their end of life, yet they are still being used like they were installed yesterday.

We are now living in an era of replacement and it has come to light that there is a funding gap meaning cities do not have enough funding to repair or replace them all.

And to make things worse, cities don’t have the means to identify and prioritize what gets replaced using current technologies. Failure is inevitable.


We are building a company to automate inspections, predict modes of failure and prioritize where repairs or replacements are actually needed.

We are utilizing the latest advances in the Internet of Things, drone technology, computer vision, AI, cloud hosting and 5G technologies to manage the Subterranean infrastructure on behalf of a city.

We are changing the way cities manage their subterranean infrastructure by aiming to inspect 100% of their network instead of the 10% that is currently being performed.

We aim to turn cities into proactive and preventative organizations that better optimize their funding to provide better services to the community while protecting the environment.

For further information regarding this position please email [email hidden]