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AI Fund

Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2023
In the B2B space, leading software solutions like Salesforce and Hubspot cater to lead generation, pipeline management, and CRM needs. However, there are no major platforms for B2G (Business 2 Government) sales, as the process is distinct and bid-driven. The company is building a B2G Sales platform for the trillion dollar B2G sector.
As of FY 2023, US public procurement spending exceeded $4 trillion in contracts, grants, and loans, with the EU's annual spending on services, works, and supplies reaching €2 trillion. Transparent and fair procurement processes mandate clear assessment criteria for each bid, making proposal writing critical. Yet, the process of bidding, whether using internal or external consulting firms/technical writers, is highly inefficient, the quality of their proposals/bids lacking in quality and consistency, and expensive, costing hundreds of thousands to tens of millions for successful proposals.
The solution is a LLM powered platform that does the following: tracks public procurement opportunities in the US, generates proposal drafts, saving time and costs, it then assesses proposal success likelihood, allows unlimited iterations, and democratizes access to expert proposal writing. Ultimately, the company strives to democratize expert proposal writing access, empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes to compete equally in public procurement.
This company has been extensively validated and we are looking for a world class CEO to help it achieve its full potential, someone that is genuinely passionate about this problem and is up for the challenge of building a category defining company.
The prize is huge and as such, so is the competition, the company has a significant head start which includes the following market and technology traction:
1) The company has an established pipeline of major customers, including major construction companies and leading GovTech and technology companies.
2) The technology has been validated and the initial prototype significantly outperformed expert human proposal writers.
3) The path to a defensible technology strategy has been defined.
4) The company is backed by one of the pre-eminent AI venture funds in the world (AI Fund).
Craftmind is supported and funded by the AI Fund based in Palo Alto, California. The AI Fund is a team of diligent innovators who build great companies that move humanity forward by accelerating the adoption of AI. Founded by Dr. Andrew Ng, AI Fund is a startup studio focused on resolving problems to move the world forward. We build new AI companies to bridge AI technology and critical applications. Just as electricity transformed numerous industries, AI and AI Fund are poised to do the same.
Founded in 2017 by Dr. Andrew Ng, the $176 million-dollar funded venture firm is backed by top-tier VC firms and investors, and powered by the AI Fund teams’ combined experiences as AI pioneers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and operators.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Lead company operations, financial and organizational management, and overall growth strategy and milestones (e.g. product launch, customer acquisition and revenue).
  • Own go-to-market and overall strategy and vision
  • Secure and negotiate strategic partnerships that will shorten the sales cycle and help accelerate the growth of the company.
  • Ensure Craftmind reaches product market fit and focuses on getting referenceable customers, scale the business and own sales and marketing.
  • Develop fundraising strategy and develop investor relationships.

What You Must Bring:

  • Previous experience in building and growing a b2b SaaS company.
  • Previous experience in the GovTech space.
  • Demonstrated skills in a startup leadership capacity
  • Ability to think strategically and the foresight to think about problems ahead of time.
  • Experience leading customer outreach, understanding market needs, and driving the company towards product market fit.
  • Successful fundraising experience.
  • Business Development experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to kick start, grow and scale sales and business development efforts for B2B SaaS products (ideally in financial services or related industries).
  • Have strong connections and networks among key decision makers in our target industries.

Characteristics That We Value:

  • Accountability: obligation and willingness to take responsibility for our actions
  • Integrity: never compromising on the right thing to do
  • Leadership: ability to influence others to follow you and lead the team towards a common vision for the future
  • Empathy: genuinely caring for the well-being of our team, and supporting each other professionally and personally
  • Grit: sticking with projects and work hard through good and bad times. High pain tolerance and can perform well under stress or pressure.
  • Balance: working hard, but ensuring that we remain well-rounded individuals with a life and passions outside
  • Collaboration: prioritizing team over ego
  • Results orientation: setting ambitious goals for our team, and being extremely results-driven in nature
  • Self-awareness: ability to recognize what we know and don’t know, and to ask for help when needed